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Why use natural cosmetics? Here are 3 key reasons!

Natural cosmetics are much more than just a trend, they are the answer to the desire for a healthier life. Most of us are used to conventional products in our everyday life. It is only when we start researching their ingredients that we reconsider our choices and it quickly becomes clear to us why natural cosmetics are the choice of many. We have singled out those key reasons!



Many of the products we use every day contain substances that are problematic. They are not acutely life-threatening, but with long-term use they can harm us by entering our body through the skin. These are, for example, silicones, emulsifiers PEG and PPG, parabens and derivatives obtained by distillation of petroleum such as paraffin, vaseline and mineral oils. Numerous studies indicate their potential carcinogenicity, and in addition to synthetic dyes and fragrances, they are the main causes of allergies.

By using natural cosmetics, you are not exposed to such ingredients and the risks they carry with them.

Fact: An integral part of KuSshh natural cosmetics are organically grown plants that we grow, pick and process ourselves on our own plantation on the island of Krk.

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Microplastics, which is a big problem today, can be found in many peels, glosses, dental care products and a number of other conventional cosmetic products. Due to its size, microplastics’ particles are able to penetrate almost everywhere – in groundwater, ie the environment where they endanger plants and animals, and can even be found on our table, for example in fish and products of animal origin such as honey and milk.

The use of microplastics is prohibited in natural cosmetics, so by using these products you are doing good to yourself and nature. In addition, in natural cosmetics production is sustainable and products come much more often in environmentally friendly packaging. For many, this is reason enough to use natural cosmetics!

Fact: KuSshh products are packaged in recycled plastic and purple miron glass that prolongs the life and preserves the strength of our products by acting as a natural filter of sunlight: it allows useful UV, purple and infrared light to enrich our ingredients and eliminates harmful rays that accelerate their decline. In addition, packaging can be recycled, thus helping to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

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The skin is our largest organ and with the role of a semipermeable membrane is it responsible for the whole organism. That is why it is important to encourage its natural way of working, and not to burden it with chemical compounds. What we apply to the skin is just as important as what we eat.

This is where natural cosmetics come to the fore, with properties that no chemical substance can offer and natural ingredients that our body accepts as its own and does not develop antibodies to them. Natural cosmetics follow the biological rhythm of our skin and stimulate its regenerative functions without creating skin dependence. They are gentle on the skin and hair, and equal to conventional products in terms of consistency, appearance and application, but without the use of potentially harmful ingredients. All this makes natural cosmetics an imperative in skin care!

Fact: KuSshh natural cosmetics are designed to take advantage of the best of nature and connect you with its benefits.

Enough reasons?

Enjoy the Scents of Silence!


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