Who we are?

We are Monika Kovač and Nives Matić

two women fed up with the racket and the hectic city noise who found peace in the silence of island Krk where we nourish numerous plant species and create natural products on our own plantation.

Included in every step of production, we make sure that you get the highest quality products from our authentic KuSshh product line – handmade and with love.

Our plantation

… in 2015. we bought land not far away from the city of Krk where we cultivated and planted our first plants.

Seed by seed and seedling by seedling, today our KuSshh plantation proudly counts 31 000 square metres, 85 000 seedlings, over 40 different plant species in organic farming and more than 30 products in which we strived to showcase the very best the nature has to offer.

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